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Building Back: Driving Supply Chain Resilience & Reshaping for Success

Aviation Week Network is excited to announce dates and a program update for the 2024 A&D SupplyChain conference. The conference this year will be a triple threat rolled into one, action packed, content filled super summit. 

We will bring together the Trifecta of the A&D industry – supply chain, raw materials and manufacturing. Join your fellow stakeholders and industry experts in these markets to share ideas, discuss opportunities and analyze challenges. 

The three day event provides delegates with important updates about the aerospace supply chain and the raw materials and manufacturing markets. Aircraft and engine manufacturers will present status reports on product strategies and market developments. Industry experts will review the current status of the industry and forecast future trends. This event will provide crucial updates and industry analysis as well as providing valuable business networking opportunities with industry leaders. 

The agenda will cover:

  • Supply chain strategies and forecasts
  • Manufacturing operations, capabilities and processes
  • Innovations within manufacturing and modern machining technologies
  • Industry automation and advanced manufacturing
  • Demand outlook for parts manufacturers
  • Outlook for the market and key trends to watch
  • Impact of new materials

More info: A&D SpplyChain